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Penelope's talking vagina has a mind of its own, which includes a desire to sing.Penelope and her talking vagina wind up exploited by her psychiatrist (Larry Gelman), who launches her on a career in show business.Since then she has worked with schools, playgroups, care homes, elderly and visually impaired adult groups, bookshops, cafes, libraries, museums, castles and heritage centres and been involved in many local festivals and community events.Kate enjoys mentoring, working and collaborating with other storytellers and performers and being involved in adult workshops and community activities.Over the past few years she has helped to establish storytelling for all ages as a part of Dunfermline’s Bruce Festival and the Mary Queen of Scots Festival in Kinross.

You can find me glued to one of my many mobile devices 24/7, or fangirling over the latest YA book, TV show, movie or game.At the salon where she works, her talking vagina insults a lesbian client, which leads to her being fired. Virginia regales the assembled physician with show tunes. Pearl becomes her agent, and over Penelope's objections, launches Penelope and Virginia on an entertainment career.At a show emceed by Professor Irwin Corey, Virginia sings in public for the first time, becoming a star after crooning a disco tune.Virginia increasingly becomes the tail that wags the dog, with Penelope becoming increasingly unhappy as "they" become a successful act on a cross-country tour. The Los Angeles Times said "the film's vulgar premise smacks of smirking adolescents, it's crude one liners, full of foul language that unsuccessfully try to stretch to into a full-length movie...

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According to Michael Medved in The Golden Turkey Awards, Penelope's talking vagina precipitates many developments in her life: Escapades include a sojourn in jail with a basketball team and sessions with a psychiatrist to help Virginia overcome her (its? With her self-confidence restored, she makes several hit appearances on TV talkshows; the theory, apparently, is that Virginia makes an even more interesting late-night guest than Truman Capote. Pearl reveals her secret to friends of his in show business.