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It returned to the silver screen in Around the World in 80 Days in 1956, but was no longer in operating condition, so it was pushed by a diesel locomotive disguised as a baggage car.by Jeff Johnson In 1881, the biggest narrow gauge locomotives on the Denver & Rio Grande Railway were twelve little 2-8-0s that became a classic on the 3-foot rails of Colorado.Railroad accountants readily appreciated the savings on crew and locomotive requirements in moving a given amount of loaded railway cars, and Baldwin started advertising this design for its obvious benefits.Since 1871, William Jackson Palmer’s new narrow gauge line in Colorado had been utilizing relatively light locomotives with 2-4-0, 2-6-0, and 4-4-0 wheel arrangements in order to traverse the steep grades of the Rockies, thus limiting the tonnage per train to relatively light manifests.The fresh and hardened mechanical properties of all mixes were determined and evaluated.Moreover, time-dependent behavior was investigated for all mixes in terms of drying shrinkage test.Any portion of the property taxes not paid before the grace period expires will be subject to interest from the original due date until paid in full.

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It appeared in the movie Colorado Territory in 1948, but was finally taken out of service in 1949.

The young D&RG would benefit greatly from the consolidation design, and it was not long before the diminutive 36” gauge versions of this newer style would show up in Denver, Colorado, for assignments across the budding narrow gauge.

Where under the Act or these regulations a notice or report is required or authorized to be given or sent to a party by the minister, a mediator, a conciliation board, an industrial inquiry commission or an arbitration board the notice or report the notice shall be signed by the party giving the notice or signed on his or her behalf in the manner prescribed by section 135 of the Act and shall be addressed to the party to whom the notice is to be given; the notice shall be dated and shall contain a request to the party to whom notice is given to commence collective bargaining with the party giving the notice with a view to the conclusion of a collective agreement between them or to the renewal or revision of an existing collective agreement between them; and the notice shall designate a convenient time, within 20 clear days from the date of the giving of the notice, when, and a convenient place where, the parties must meet and commence or cause authorized representatives on their behalf to meet and commence collective bargaining.

“Business Employment Incentive Program Tax Credit ” P. 2015, Chapter 194 - The act allows certain businesses that have previously been approved for a grant under the Business Employment Incentive Program to direct the New Jersey Economic Development Authority to convert the grant to a tax credit and establishes a priority schedule for the issuance of tax credits that favors older, outstanding grant obligations over grants that will become payable in future years.

The tax credits issued can be applied to reduce a business’s tax liability under the corporation business tax or insurance premium tax liability, prior to all other credits and payments.

The application may be signed on behalf of the party making the application in the same manner as is provided by section 133 of the Act for the signing of a notice under the Act by the applicant and shall be verified by affidavit or statutory declaration.

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