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Eufrat's ( pronounced oo-frat ) visit is almost over, and when Michaela awakens her sleepy friend it's now or never time, and she can no longer hide her secret. Eufrat wants her lover to 'switch off her brain' and simply feel their love and passion for each other.After lots of kissing and playful exercise, they relax to the Jacuzzi where Eufrat finds the courage to admit her true feelings and declare her love for Mich. Michaela loves her life alone and is more cautious to change things.From kissing in the garage to sexy play during sleepovers, the 2 girls are inseparable.During one such overnighter, the curious duo hear Jessica return home from a date, and not wanting to be caught, they silently follow the older sister to her room, where she is relaxing with a lesbian dvd and busy fingers on her own warm, wet body. Stars: Michaela, Eufrat Studio: Bobs Video | Director: Bob Alexander Categories: Orientation: Lesbian, Fetish, Theme: Smoking, Wearing: Lingerie, Stockings & Pantyhose Description: When Eufrat tells her friend Michaela she loves her, she ignites a firestorm of emotions! suddenly there is pressure in their relationship and now they have 2 'L words' to deal with.

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If your in a similar boat you will find them to be lacking in any real sexual creativity and are more interested in long term relationships than sexual exploration.

In addition you like the idea of a middle aged women taking control and teaching you the ropes.

Kari is not as shy and inexperienced as her friend Jules, and the two girls enjoy practice kissing and touching each other every chance they get.

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Jules is a fast learner, despite her fear of getting busted by older sister Jessica, who is quite sophisticated in the ways of love.

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